About Us

We are a group of young entrepreneurs with a mission to provide Quality Software products and impeccable service. We look to fulfill this desire by combining our technical knowhow and innovative business ideas. As B-School Grads from a top institute, we look to bring our learning into practice by providing innovative Software products and service. We have a strong inclination towards technology and constantly try to adapt towards the dynamic landscape of IT.

This Journey of setting up our own company “3KP Technologies” and launching our very first product in form of “Trackitgps” has been extremely fulfilling. Our product reflects our inner belief to provide value to our customers by maximizing benefits and optimizing the price. We look forward to serve our customers with the best of our ability and promise to bring more such products.

Our Mission
Designing and Delivering products and services that radically change the way we think and act thereby making us much more efficient and productive.
Our Vision
We will be a globally respected company. We will be the most innovative and preferred company to work with.
Our Values
  • Dedication: - To solve our customer's problems in the best possible way and being committed to achieve by means that synchronize with our customers Values.
  • Excellence in Innovation: - A company which not only solves customer's problems, but also creates opportunity for customers out of those problems, there by facilitating customer's growth.